Experience the Rolling Hills of Batanes and the Windmill of Ilocos Norte in Malay, Aklan located very close to Boracay Island and Bel-is Beach

Ever wanted to see the island of Boracay, the rolling hills of Batanes, and the windmill of Ilocos Norte all at one place? Malay, Aklan has them all and it's just few minutes away from Caticlan, the gateway to Boracay. And believe it or not, it will only cost you a Php10-tricycle ride and a body fit to hike! Locals call the place as Panaktakan. The first viewpoint called Binanderahan requires a 45-minute walk from the Malay Municipal Tree Park. Going farther will take you to the breathtaking viewpoint of Panaktakan. All of these are in one spot located at Barangay Argao, Malay.

Malay is a first-class municipality in the western part of the province of Aklan composed of an island and a mainland. The island is the world-renowned Boracay Island known for its 7-km beach with powdery white sand, aptly called White Beach. The mainland is the home for the 6 out of 7 'Wonders of Malay'.

Aside from being an "island paradise" and hidden from many, the mainland Malay is a "mountain paradise". It offers spots where you can have a full view of Boracay Island and the islets surrounding it, Romblon Islands, and Sibuyan Sea accentuated by the spectacular sight of the rolling hills nearby. The scenery is stunning like of Batanes! Turn a little and you will see an array of windmills displayed on top of Pawa hills like of Ilocos Norte! It is a perfect place for hiking, picknicking, and camping. Plane spotting can also be added in your list of activities as the airport is situated right under.

We unexpectedly stumbled into this place when we went for a short run last Saturday morning, October 21, 2017. The next day, we explored its interior where we found a waterfall named Tabis-tabisan, a perfect place to cool down after hiking. Indeed, it's an ideal place for nature-tripping and adventure. At the end of the trek, you can either go to Boracay Island or Bel-is, Buruanga and enjoy the world-class beach.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your backpacks!