Captivating Langoyon River: A Hideaway Paradise with Fascinating Natural Swimming Pools in Tagororoc, Nabas, Aklan

True to its town’s slogan that says, “Pangibabaw Nabas!” (which means Standout Nabas!), the town is really going up in placing itself on the international tourism map being Boracay’s neighbor. Nabas is popularly known for its spine-tingling cold springs. There’s Hurom-Hurom, Basang, Manyuko, and the latest Bungan-Bungan. But talking about rivers and waterfalls matched with adventures, I recommend Langoyon River and Tagaroroc Falls. These two spots are best for daytime jaunts and both found in Brgy. Tagaroroc, Nabas, Aklan. The barangay crossing is located 15-min tricycle ride away from Godofredo P. Ramos Aiport also known as Caticlan Airport which services Boracay Island, and along national highway to the Kalibo International Airport in Aklan’s capital. Major Philippine airlines fly to both airports many times a day.

From the crossing, you may hire a habal-habal to the barangay hall or you may bring your car or hire a van from your point of origin to the barangay’s interior. It will take you more or less 15 minutes. However, safety must be considered because the narrow and rough road winds along the cliff which can also be muddy and slippery if raining or just rained. If the road confuses you, don’t hesitate to ask any local along the way. The people are very warm and accommodating. If you want to drop at the barangay hall to seek information, you can find it in front of Tagaroroc Elementary School. Beside the school is a sign informing you that the area beyond is part of the Northwest Panay Peninsula (NWPP). In less than a minute, you will reach the start of river trekking. The last time I checked, there was a newly-constructed steel bridge which is of big help for the community whenever the water level rises. From that point, you walk pass two houses and go downstream for the second river crossing. There are two paths you may choose to follow. One is walking along or onto the river and the other is going up cutting through houses and down crossing the river several times for 30-45 minutes (depending on your pace).  

Tucked in an area teeming with lush vegetation and towering limestone cliffs, the water that cascades over the rocks down to different levels flowing through between boulders to an open area makes natural pools of varied depths. The pool at the entrance is slightly deep which is ideal for the adults to swim into. Beside it is a patch of land which can be an area for picnic. Going a little upstream, you will find a shallow part which is around three feet deep. It's perfect for children to swim around and adults to slack off with their feet submerged or their butt and back dipped into the water. Looking around you can see interesting coves partially covered with lush. A further trek upstream will require you to walk on logs used as a bridge along the river and over boulders. Don't forget to turn your head around to see the entire package of the enchanting spot. If you want to see a nearby riverpool, continue walking for 10 minutes passing through a forest and another river crossing. Then you will see a powerful stream of water bounded by boulders with a swim basin perfect for shower and body massage. Don't miss it before heading back!

If you still have time for another short adventure, don't leave yet. From the barangay plaza, go on a different direction from Langoyon River heading to Tagaroroc Falls. It will take you more or less 30 minutes of walking on forest trail. Upon reaching the river, you have to pass through or climb over boulders again to get to the cove-like entrance of the spot. There's only a minimal light passing through it enough for you to enjoy the waterfall that flows in the middle of a huge rock and drops to a swim basin. It's uniquely picturesque!

Aside from these, the community people are hospitable. During my first visit, folks served me tinolang manok for a late lunch, hot coffee, and freshly-picked pineapples to bring home all for free! Kudos to Clark who happened to have relatives living in the area. I've learned that locals have pineapple plantation in the mountain and many of them have poultry in their own backyards. On my second visit, we bought bananas from the locals in an affordable price. On my third visit, they have been very helpful in giving directions. And on my fourth, one of the households offered their front yard for our car parking. Beautiful people, indeed!

Nabas is like a simple gift wrapped in bariw leaves (the town celebrates Bariw Festival every mid of May) that when you open it, it pops out and surprise you with so much beauty and bounty.